1. Before the Sunset.
    The even lighting of the sunset smoothed out my exposure and gave the sky that tone.
    The light is the train. Not sketch.
    We could feel the train coming...that meant it was time to get off the tracks ASAP.
    That last of the bright light.


    *Insert train/train track pun here*

    Decided to edit a few unreleased photos from this set.

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    W OW 

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    It’s Always Pink In Philadelphia. Photo By David Hanjani

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    Have mercy

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    Why is the fitness/weight loss community not freaking out over Nicole Polizzi (Snookie)? Look at her. She’s lost well over 40 pounds and is happily gaining muscles and promoting a healthy image and a healthy lifestyle. ALL of these fitness photos of her are from AFTER she had her baby and oooohhh she’s looking fine. Definitely an inspiration to me.

    Snookie gettin it

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